11. March 2013

Han® HPR protection covers

Han® HPR

Optimal protection for the inside of the cable side

Optimal protection – the  brand-new protection covers for Han® HPR hoods in sizes 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B also offers optimal protection against dirt for contact inserts in harsh usage conditions.  Electrical interfaces such as those in vehicles or in the industrial environment are often subjected to extreme weather and environmental influences.  In order to be able to guarantee reliable transfer of sensitive signals, connectors must be protected against moisture, snow, ice, rocks and other environmental influences. The Han® HPR housing series was developed for exactly such application areas.

Connectors that are not permanently mated are often exposed to these influences without protection. This may result in malfunctions or even serious breakdowns in safety equipment.

With the new Han® HPR protection covers, we have expanded our Han® HPR housing series product range, which is used in the rail sector, for example. They are equipped with the screw/ toggle locking system commonly used in the Han® HPR housing series and offer IP 68 protection as specified by IEC 60529. An attachment cord connects the Han® HPR protection cover securely to the housing so that it cannot be lost.

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