19. March 2015

Certified Ha-VIS Middleware singular in Europe

HARTING Ha-VIS Middleware

For the easy and flexible integration of UHF RFID readers in projects HARTING offers the Ha-VIS Middleware.

The HARTING Technology Group has fulfilled successfully the official certification process of the GS1® EPCglobal®. With this the HARTING Ha-VIS Middleware is the only European product on the marked which allows to implement UHF RFID into projects in a transparent, future-proof and reliable tested way.

The HARTING Ha-VIS Middleware is based on the open standard ALE 1.1 of the GS1® EPCglobal®. This standard defines already a lot of useful functionalities like read/write operations, filtering, triggers and a lot more. In addition it is clearly specified how to interact with these functionalities from external software. The standard guaranties a reliable, durable, well documented and testable basis, which is maintained and developed by the GS1® EPCglobal®.

The HARTING Ha-VIS Middleware is fulfilling the ALE 1.1 standard 100%. Compared to the outdated pre version the ALE 1.0, the actual ALE 1.1 defines a lot more useful functionalities especially how to write data into transponders. The conformity has now also certified by the GS1® EPCglobal®.