19. June 2009

Han® 3 HPR - High Profile, More Space for Cables

Han® 3 HPR

A high profile Han® 3 HPR hood now joins the Han® HPR series

The Han® HPR series is primarily used in electrical connections in vehicles, as well as in applications with harsh climatic conditions or wet areas, or where sensitive connections require protection or shielding.

With the new high profile Han® 3 HPR hood version now it is possible to mount the Han® Quintax contact insert into a Han® 3 HPR hood. It also offers more wiring space for simplified assembly of the various contact inserts.

The high-profile Han® 3 HPR hood is equipped with an M25 thread for the cable glands, which allows the use of cables with larger outer diameters. All other technical details of the new hood correspond to those of the previous Han® 3 HPR hood. The high-profile Han® 3 HPR hood is also 100% plug compatible with the Han® 3 HPR bulkhead-mounted and surface-mounted housings.


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