25. March 2009

Power connector with PushPull locking for Device Connectivity

Power connector with PushPull locking for Device Connectivity

Device Connectivity up to 690 V / 16 A with PushPull locking

PushPull is a family of rugged connectors for transmitting optical and electrical communication, as well as signals and power with IP65/IP67 protection class. This installation system is already widely deployed in all areas of plant engineering and machine construction. Thanks to the space-saving housing integration and miniaturized size, optimal stringing is possible.

Han® PushPull Power is a new, extremely compact five-pole power connector up to 690 V and 16 A. A complete connector family in metal and plastic design is available for signal and power transmission. Assembly is carried out by proven crimp technology or the innovative Han-Quick Lock® rapid termination technology.

Panel feed throughs bring the power efficiently into the switch cabinet or directly into the device. Straight or angled male inserts conduct the power to the PCB for device integration. Coding pins for use in components on both, the device and cable sides reliably differentiate interfaces with different voltage levels.

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