19. September 2012

HARTING KGaA receives international Energy Efficiency Award in Berlin

HARTING took first place at the international Energy Efficiency Award 2012 in Berlin organized by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena).

The HARTING Technology Group is at the forefront of efficient energy management in Germany in all areas.

HARTING KGaA was one of the first companies in Germany to introduce an energy management system in 2001. It has since continuously and successfully strived to improve all energy-consuming systems. The Technology Group has now received major recognition for its comprehensive company strategy to systematically reduce energy consumption. It won first prize within the framework of the international Energy Efficiency Award 2012 in Berlin, which is organized by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena). “The company has systematically implemented energy efficiency initiatives for many years and has consequently realized significant energy savings,” acclaimed the jury. The award was presented to Günter Behnke, Head of Plant Facilities, Technical Services, Health and Safety and Environmental Protection, and Jochen Richter, Head of Technical Services at HARTING KGaA, at the dena energy efficiency conference. All together around 70 companies from industry and the manufacturing sector took part in the competition. The Energy Efficiency Award is worth €30,000 in total, and has been presented on an annual basis since 2007. The patron of this year’s competition was Dr. Philipp Rösler, German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology.

HARTING KGaA’s annual energy costs have been cut by around a third (€327,000) thanks to a series of measures. Annual energy consumption has fallen by 3.3 million kilowatt hours (29%) and CO² emissions have been reduced by 1,590 tons (31%). One of the most important energy-saving projects implemented by HARTING was the complete renewal of the heat supply system at all Espelkamp plants where biomethane-fuelled cogeneration units producing heat and power were deployed. Further measures include the daylight-dependent management of lighting, the construction of new transformers and requirements-based refrigeration supply. Total investment amounted to around €1.1 million. The operational energy management system received DIN EN ISO 50001 certification in January.  

Through the implementation of these measures, HARTING has impressively demonstrated that operational energy management pays dividends for companies. “We hope our approach encourages other companies to address the issues of climate protection and energy efficiency. Companies can learn a great deal from one another in this respect,” emphasized Dietmar Harting, President of the Technology Group. 

Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), which was established in 2000, aims to promote the expansion of regenerative energy sources, to provide support with the change in energy policy and to optimize energy systems. dena customers include private consumers, relevant sectors, municipalities and public bodies. Its principal shareholder is the Federal Republic of Germany. Shares are also held by banks and insurance companies.