27. June 2012

HARTING Ha-VIS middleware

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Easy and cost-effective integration of RFID hardware

HARTING is making a major and immediately accessible contribution to the integration of RFID hardware into existing software systems. HARTING middleware enables our target customers to operate Ha-VIS RFID reading devices without the need for any programming and to process the transponder-supplied information. For the first time, system operators are given the means of implementing automation of the lowest field level into existing processes without the need for years of experience of RFID systems. There is a wide selection of ideal data formats – e.g. XML, CSV or MySQL® - to choose from, enabling the immediate use of information.

As one of the world’s first, the middleware satisfies the EPC standard ALE 1.1, i.e. it not only reads RFID transponders, but can also write to these in conformity with the standard.

Customer advantages:

  • Integration of RFID hardware without the need for programming
  • satisfies the ALE 1.1 standard
  • individually selectable modules cut costs
  • cost-effective and rapid introduction of RFID in the company