26. June 2014

Han® Coax ETCS connector featuring especially reliable and robust communications interface

Han® Coax ETCS connectors

The Han® Coax ETCS connector was developed for the transmission of coaxial data systems in rough industrial environments and railway technology. This application area demands especially reliable and robust interfaces.

In the Europe Train Control System (ETCS) the signal communication between railed vehicle and the track bed is controlled by a so called Eurobalise system. Since this is a safety related system, components are required here that function particularly reliably over the entire product life. Special Eurobalise coaxial cables are laid in the trains and in stationary facilities, which in turn have to be equipped with appropriate interfaces at various positions.

Thanks to the Han® Coax ETCS connectors, these positions can now be equipped with an outstandingly reliable and robust interface.

The so called crimp flange is an important new feature of this connector, which - with an additional crimp barrel - permanently presses the screening braid mechanically and electrically together, while at the same time providing strain relief for the cable.

The connector has a screened, coaxially arranged Han-E® crimp contact with an impedance of 50 ohms and is optimized for large conductor diameters up to 12mm.

The Han® Coax can be fitted compactly into the established Han® 3A and Han® 3 HPR housing – making it ideally suited for robust coaxial data interfaces.

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Han® Coax ETCS connectors

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