30. June 2011

Multi module with the Highest Contact Density

Han® Multi module

The Multi module from HARTING is the optimal addition to the previously available data interfaces for the Han-Modular® family.

HARTING's Han® Multi module is a new data interface for the Han-Modular® series. Up to 12 contacts can be integrated into the new Han® Multi module. It allows the use of coaxial contacts as well as the use of contacts for optical waveguides. The precision manufactured components allow the use of a broad range of optical waveguides, from POF to multimode fibers.

The outstanding feature of the Han® Multi module is its contact density. Compared to connectors previously available on the market, the new module offers a 50 % higher packing density in line with the trend to more compact solutions. Because it can be combined with all known standard housings and also the new housings from the
Han-Eco® and Han-Yellock® series, it is suitable for diverse applications in industry and transportation. In addition to multiple-channel data transmission, the new
Han® Multi module also allows simultaneous implementation of power contacts, which is particularly useful in hybrid cabling concepts that integrate data transmission and power supply in one connector.

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