13. June 2007

Han® 70 A Module

New module for Han-Modular® range

The established Han-Modular® range from HARTING is a highly flexible, diverse connector system. The user can assemble connectors to their own special design requirements and configurations.

Many modules for electrical, optical and pneumatic, signal and power already exist. This range is being continuously developed to meet a broader choice of customer requirements.

The Han® 70 A Module is now available. It accommodates two power contacts with axial screw termination and is rated for up to 1000 V at 70 A. Although this module has a high electrical power rating, it is only half the size as compared with the 100 A module.

The axial screw terminal is suitable for wires from 6 - 22mm² (AWG 8 to 4). It offers the possibility to make the termination without any special tools. A safe and reliable electrical connection can simply be made with the use of a 2.5 mm hexagonal key.

Another important feature of this new module are the finger safe male contacts which are protected by an additional plastic cap. This enables safe connection solutions in applications where the power could be present on both the male and female side of the connector (e.g. frequency converters, power ring circuits or battery charging circuits).


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