07. July 2011

HARTING Technology Group, a “climate protection company”

from left to right: Dr. Michael Pütz (HARTING), Dr. Christoph von der Heiden (IHK), Arne Potthof (IHK), Margrit Harting, Sabine Zinzgraf (DIHK), Heinrich Welling, Thomas Strecke, Günter Behnke (all HARTING)

For the HARTING Technology Group, environmental and climate protection have ranked as core elements of day-to-day operations since 1996.

Increasing energy efficiency and an environmentally friendly approach are part of the HARTING corporate philosophy. The Espelkamp-based family owned and managed company obtained official certification as a “climate protection company” through the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which awarded the distinction under the climate protection, energy efficiency and innovation partnership with the Federal Environment Ministry, its climate protection initiative and the Federal Ministry of Economics.

On handing the membership certificate to Margrit Harting, Senior Vice President of the HARTING Technology Group, Sabine Zinzgraf, head of the DIHK project office for the climate protection, energy efficiency and innovation partnership, made specific reference to the company owners’ sense of social responsibility and the exemplary in-house environmental management system. Sabine Zinzgraf: “Their commitment is exemplary. HARTING and the other companies in the group of climate protection companies are playing a pioneering role.”

“Environmental protection is a continuous process at HARTING, and we are always setting and reaching new targets”, said Margrit Harting. The company has issued a voluntary environmental declaration every year since 1995, when the very first environmental audit was conducted at HARTING according to EMAS guidelines. “We wanted to generate values for people. In line with our corporate philosophy, environmental awareness is firmly rooted in the thoughts and actions of all our employees. We did not implement any special measures in order to become a climate protection company, and we did not run any additional projects or make any extra effort over and above what we have done on a daily basis since 1996”, Margrit Harting went on.

So far, 15 nationwide climate protection companies have won the distinction through the DIHK project with the Federal Government. Members from various industry sectors are united by their special commitment to an environmentally friendly and efficiency-based approach to energy, which goes far beyond the prescribed legal framework. Member companies are making an exemplary commitment in the field of climate protection, and wish to carry the message to other companies that climate protection ultimately pays dividends.

“We hope that many more companies will tread a similar path to the HARTING Technology Group by opting for energy-efficient production and contributing to an expanding global market for “green” technology“, said Dr. Christoph von der Heiden, business leader from the industry, public relations and national economy sector of the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld, as the certificate was awarded.