13. March 2014

Through the panel with Han-Yellock®

Han-Yellock® feed-through housing

The feed-through housing of the Han-Yellock® connector family promises to make it easier to lay cable through several rooms in comparison to existing cable feed through systems. This new solution for panel feed-through not only facilitates handling, but also offers considerable robustness and an IP 67 degree of protection in plugged-in condition.

Unlike standard feed-through systems, the HARTING solution is pluggable. To this end, the standard bulkhead mounted housing from the connector series has been complemented by the addition of a metal housing whose shape is similar to the upper part of the housing of the Han-Yellock®.

The system makes handling easier. Cable sets can be completely pre-assembled and assembled with the flange at the point of penetration. The robustness achieved is also unique: the housings are impact-resistant on both sides of the connector and provide IP 65 and 67 degrees of protection for inserts when mated.

Han-Yellock® feed-through housing is ideal for the transition to modular production lines consisting of machines in multiple rooms. Due to the high IP protection class, this type of feed-through is particularly recommended for harsh environments where connections are exposed to fluids or dust.