03. July 2017

The MICA family grows

One of the new variations MICA.

The HARTING MICA product family not only celebrated its first birthday at the Hannover Trade Fair 2017, but also notched up considerable growth with new models developed from practical real-world application and suggestions from the customer group.

The MICA 2 features a dual-core processor, 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC that offer 3-5 times the computing power of the MICA Basic.

The MICA Wireless combines the computing power of the MICA 2 with integrated interfaces for wireless communication including GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS without occupying the function board. This creates a highly flexible solution for data acquisition and communication without the need for cabling.

With the MICA Energy, data from electric meters and current transformers can be read, compressed and routed to MES and ERP systems. By integrating the OpenSource InfluxDB time series database and the dashboard software Grafana, analysis and visualisation can also be performed directly on the MICA.

With USB and video connections, the MICA terminal variant offers a robust solution for kiosks, touch panels, or retrofitting HCI to machines. The integrated software allows both the creation of browser-based solutions as well as the development of solutions featuring qt (Software Library).

For OEMs and customers who want to create their own solutions, HARTING now also offers MICA kits which can be equipped and assembled with their own function boards. 3D and layout data for development are available free of charge at www.harting-mica.com/en/documentation.