28. October 2013

Standard "LC" FO connectors now also available for modular use

Han-Modular® LC Modul

For the ever-growing market of optical data transmission, HARTING has developed a new connector module for the Han-Modular® series that allows the use of standard "LC" fiber optic connectors.

For years, LC connectors for GI and single mode optical fiber have been the proven standard for telecommunications and cabling in buildings. Oftentimes, requirements arise that necessitate elaborate encapsulation in order to achieve a higher degree of protection. In addition, it is common to see several individual connectors joined together on patch panels.

The Han-Modular® system provides an elegant solution to address both of these aspects. Here, up to 6 LC contacts are integrated into a connector module. In total, up to 36 FO contacts can be housed in an industrial connector with IP65 protection.

Simplified handling, as well as the ability to integrate additional electrical contacts, minimize service and maintenance time and increase the availability of the system as a whole.

Available Downloads:

datasheet Han-Modular® LC module


257 K download