19. March 2015

smart Power Networks with new system functions

Ha-VIS smartPN-Unit

Today, companies must be aware of their energy consumption and the associated costs, and control them actively. The Smart Power Networks system provides the necessary basis for this by measuring all relevant energy flows and presenting the data in a usable format. New here are system functions such as integrated Sankey diagram, dynamic threshold value monitoring, as well as a dashboard for internal and external data. As a result, Smart Power Networks is not just an energy management system, but also provides answers to questions of production efficiency and condition monitoring.

Here, the integrated network switch also offers the option of extending the network, and can, thanks to the integrated management function, also be deployed in modern industrial networks. In order to record measurement data, appropriate measurement devices are combined with the Ha-VIS smartPN unit for the monitoring, conversion and transfer of data to the central software components via Ethernet. Here, the integrated digital outputs allow direct feedback into the processes.

The web based software can be adapted to personal requirements and offers many possibilities for evaluation and analysis. The software also features an integrated notification/alarm system and automatic regular reporting of custom report files that can be tailored to the company organization by user groups. The live view function additionally allows a direct analysis of the measured values, as from identical installations, for example, up to a resolution of a few seconds.

This data basis and the comprehensive evaluation options quickly and simply reveal possible energy saving potentials and confirm the savings from measures implemented. The Smart Power Networks energy management system thus achieves the necessary preconditions for certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, which is required for some grants and energy tax savings.