23. October 2014

RFID for streetcars dispenses with overhead wires

RFID systems in overhead wirings

Streetcars and buses are often underway in historic town centers and near research labs. As a result, there is an increasing desire to have electric buses and streetcars operate without overhead wires. Here, RFID systems offer appropriate solutions for approach detection.

RFID is a robust, wireless communication technology. The use of RFID enables a vehicle to detect the location of a charging station in advance or determine which operating mode it is permitted to drive in. The result is that inner cities free of overhead wires can now become a reality.

HARTING Ha-VIS RFID systems permit approach detection to a charging station, with positioning accuracy of better than 50 cm. In addition, the RFID transponder contains information on the authorized operating mode. The RFID transponder is mounted on the platform, on rail ties or at a stop.