26. June 2014

New tools for safe and simple assembly


Interesting innovations in the area of processing tools in this year include the new slim line screwdriver, tightening torque tools for guiding pins and bushes, panel cut out punch tools for our industrial connectors, a new Four-indent crimp tool and crimping tools for wire gauges up to 70mm².

The new tightening torque tool offers the simplest operation and reproducible quality with a fixed torque (0.5 Nm). Over or under tightening is therefore not possible. The new slim line screwdrivers are ideal for lean assembly with the integration of the insulation at blade diameter.

The implementation of the HARTING panel cut out punch tools represents a further addition in the area of processing technology. Customers who retrospectively select the most expedient connector can make the corresponding cut out quite simply. A battery or hand powered hydraulic punching machine is available which - in combination with the appropriate punch unit - makes the corresponding hole immediately. Consequently, users can entirely dispense with laborious sawing. The punch unit is available in many different sizes (e.g. for Han® B or Han-Compact®).

With regard to crimp technology, battery and hand-powered crimp tools for the area of high-current contacts are available, with a press force of 60 kN in combination with 9 mm wide DIN 46235 press dies for all HC contacts up to 70 mm². Especially users of this bandwidth will appreciate the new slim and convenient tools, since up to now a tool with a press force of 130 KN has had to be employed in all cases.

A further absolute highlight awaits HARTING customers in summer 2014, when the new Four-indent crimp tool 09 99 000 0888 will be available on the market. The rotatable locator, the integrated marking of the crimp settings, makes its operation significantly easier. This results in the expected high crimp quality of a four indent crimp with low operating force requirements.