02. November 2015

New PushPull 20-pin: Suitable for the toughest conditions

PushPull 20-pin

HARTING’s new PushPull 20-pin offers enhanced performance and can be loaded with up to 2 amps per contact. This is more than enough for camera technology and to power various types of sensors. The joint cable supplying both power and effecting signal transmission also saves additional wiring – and therefore costs – for the customer. The new PushPull 20-pin is HARTING's answer to rising signal transmission and miniaturisation requirements.

Background: Controllers and control units in an industrial plant are equipped with all types of sensors. They measure temperature, colour, shape, weight, size, pressure, and much more. All these sensors must be capable of reliably transmitting their signals to a central control unit concurrently. In order to make a system more cost-effective and efficient, it makes sense to provide power to as many control measurement instruments over the same cable over which signals are sent.

A signal connector like the new PushPull 20-pole in an industrial environment is robust, easy to handle and can be adapted to customer requirements. HARTING’s new PushPull V4 20-pin version now permits twice as many contacts to be connected within the same physical dimensions - an ideal solution for all combinations of bus and signal data.

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HARTING PushPull Selection Guide



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