19. March 2015

More flexibility with large number of poles

Connector Han® Ex

The Han® Ex product portfolio is offering new standard inserts and housings in the proven HARTING sizes - providing users with greater flexibility. Han® Ex is deployed chiefly in the mining, chemistry and process automation industries.

The connectors are designed to conform with the preconditions for the ignition protection intrinsic safety category, and may also therefore be applied in the explosion endangered zones 1 and 2. In intrinsically safe electrical circuits the power is limited so that even if a spark occurs it cannot ignite potentially explosive surroundings.

The product portfolio offers new standard inserts and housings in the proven HARTING sizes of 6 to 24B. The housing alloy has been selected to enable applications in methane-coal dust atmospheres. In addition they comply with the IP protection class 65 in the plugged state. The blue coloring of the housing serves as a marking for intrinsically safe electrical circuits.

The Han® Ex contact inserts also offer a large number of poles in the most compact space. Up to 64 contacts are possible in combination with a 24B housing. The crimp, screw and cage clamp connection technologies are all available. The housings offer cable outlets of M20 to M40, while a robust and reliable metal bracket serves as locking system.