03. July 2017

Han® M housings provide protection when immersed in water

The seal of the new Han® M bulkhead housing can compensate for unevenness, thereby protecting the inner area of the housing better against penetration by dust, dirt and liquids.

The Han® M portfolio includes a wide range of bulkhead-, surface mounted- and hood housings of various sizes. The series has hitherto met IP65 in the locked and plugged state, which implies protection against water spray from any angle. The new bulkhead hoods now increase the resistance to external influences, giving customers significant security!

In accordance with IEC 60529, the new bulkhead housings protect interior parts against strong water spray (IP66 degree of protection) and against temporary immersion in water to a depth of one meter (IP67 degree of protection). The special flange of the Han® M die-cast aluminium housing prevents water from penetrating into the connector – thus protecting the contact points inside the connector. The circumferential collar not only seals the housing externally, but also prevents the seal from slipping inwards or outwards. In addition, the seal is more stable on the new housing than its predecessor: it is able to compensate for unevenness, which increases protection against the penetration of water.

The new housings of the Han® M series complete HARTING's housing range in sizes 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B. Applications are better protected against external influences. In addition, the Han® M provides space savings of almost one-third compared to housings with protection class IP68, which are significantly larger.

The applications of Han® M housings range from wind turbines, cranes and switchgear to railways. In all these applications, operational safety is also protected under extreme conditions and weather conditions. The connector is thus an optimal solution for outdoor use.

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