13. March 2014

Han® connectors with RFID technology offer added value

Han® connectors with RFID technology

Han® connectors are now equipped with RFID transponders. This means that simple identification of specific data from the connector solution all the way to the ordering of spare parts is now easy, fast and reliable.

Han® connectors are now equipped with RFID transponders in order to link information and data from real components with the virtual world. Han® connector systems offer users optimum protection against external physical influences.

This is made possible by the use of materials and seals that are UV and ozone resistant and which function within a temperature range of -40° C to +125° C. Impermeability to moisture, humidity, dust and dirt must also be assured throughout the connectors‘ useful life. Consequently, HARTING connectors are designed to meet IP 65/67. These requirements not only apply to connectors, but to RFID transponders as well. Like the housings, these must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, high temperature fluctuations at extreme levels as well as the use of corrosive liquids such as cleaning chemicals or oils.

The integration of an RFID transponder in the rectangular connectors now permits the development and use of the full range of the identification of specific data, through to the ordering of spare parts, all in a convenient, quick and reliable manner.

Thanks to the RFID transponders and their software functions, the HARTING Technology Group has now integrated its proven connectors with business database structures – all the way through to the ordering of replacement parts.