23. October 2014

Han® 3A housing offers even more versatile use

Han® 3A hood and housing

A new angled housing panel mount with square mounting flange permits attachment in either vertical or horizontal position also in connection with the identical panel cutout. As a result, the cable outlet direction can be adapted in an extremely flexible manner.

Featuring M25 cable entry, the new metal hood is the first of its kind to offer the capability to use cables with larger diameters as well. Consequently, the new Han® 3A housing means that cables with up to 25% larger diameter can be employed compared to existing solutions.

The new trend-setting inserts of the Han® Q series, e.g. the Han® Q3/0, Han Q4/0 and Han® QHD in particular require a wider cable entry, especially if they are to take full advantage of their strengths. The new hood is compatible with all existing Han® 3A contact inserts. As such, it meets the requirements for IP 65/67 and significantly expands the application options and potentials of the Han® 3A interface thanks to its wider cable entry.

The portfolio will also be broadened to include an angled housing panel mount with square mounting flange. Thanks to its design, attachment to the identical panel cutout can be performed in vertical or horizontal manner. The recessed flange seal also guarantees optimal electrical contact between the connector housing and equipment and showcases the new housing as a compact motor interface featuring excellent EMC characteristics.

Available Downloads:

Han® 3A hood

data sheet


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Han® 3A housing

data sheet


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