23. October 2014

Han-Modular® optimized for High Mating Cycles

Han-Modular® Hinged frame HMC

The increasing modularization of industrial production facilities and the rise in mobile equipment employed is resulting in growing demand for connectors capable of high mating cycles (HMC). The launch of the new Han-Modular® Hinged frame HMC now enables the integration of Han-Modular® components into HMC connectors.

 The Han-Modular® system can now handle HMC as well – the key component being the new Han-Modular® Hinged frame HMC which is designed to handle more than 10,000 mating cycles.

The new Han-Modular® Hinged Frame HMC sets itself apart from conventional hinged frames in particular in terms of the PE contact. The contact is specially plated and boasts increased fixation stability in the frame of the Hinged-Frame HMC. These modifications enable the frame to be used in scenarios where the number of mating cycles exceeds 10,000, with no loss in performance.

The new frame now permits the integration of the Han-Modular® system into connectors that handle high mating cycles, e.g. in applications involving modular structured production facilities. These connectors are subject to ever increasing demands due to more frequent intervals between retooling and machinery change-overs, e.g. demands for identical performance and reliability despite a higher number of mating cycles. Mobile equipment offers similar areas of application, as in medical technology and the respective applications, for example.

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Han-Modular® Hinged frame HMC

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