11. March 2013

Han-Yellock® connector


Han-Yellock® makes its way outdoors

The Han-Yellock® connector system is celebrating its third birthday with a new member. In the past, applications with Han-Yellock® interfaces were essentially restricted to utilization scenarios inside buildings or switch cabinets.

Changes in the material and surface structure now make it possible to use the unique functions and appealing design outdoors as well. This version features a virtually continuous black appearance, and consequently it blends in harmoniously with the identifying feature of the familiar Han® M connector series. The push buttons for the locking form a color contrast typical for the Han-Yellock®. They are delivered with a metallic surface in order to withstand the assault of salt mist and industrial exhaust gases.

The durability of a connection with IP 67 protection is a major challenge for seals, especially in outdoor areas influenced by UV radiation and ozone exposure. The Han-Yellock® connector system features interior sealing contours. UV radiation cannot affect the sealing material and the functionalities are maintained for a long time.

The outdoor version of Han-Yellock®  will be available in sizes 30 and 60 and consequently cover cable entries from M20 to M40. The outstanding advantages of the potential multiplier function and no-tool assembly of Han-Yellock® now also lead to savings for interfaces outdoors thanks to the reduced wiring effort and simple handling.

Available Downloads:

data sheet Han-Yellock® Outdoor 30 + 60 Hoods/Housings


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