03. July 2017

Han Gigabit Module Cat. 7A improves data transmission security

The new Han® Gigabit module – pin, socket - enables data transmission according to the Category 7A standard in a modular connector. The immunity to interference is increased.

HARTING has designed the Han® Gigabit Module for the industry's most demanding transmission category Cat. 7A, which is suitable for 10 GB Ethernet. The module allows transmission at an operating frequency of up to 1000 MHz. The advantage for the customer: Compared to the standard Cat. 6A, signal integrity has significantly improved, while immunity to interference has increased as well.

Cat. 7A cables consist of four individually shielded pairs of wires which are surrounded by a common screen. HARTING is thus the first manufacturer to offer a modular industry connector for data transmission per this standard.

The Han® Gigabit module available to date is already suitable for high data transmission rates, meeting Category 6A for transmission frequencies up to 500 MHz while also being 10 GB Ethernet compliant. The Gigabit module is in general distinguished by its robust design and reliable transmission. It enables data transfer rates, which accommodate the increased bandwidth requirements within the industrial sector, and places high demands on the suppression of crosstalk effects and noise. In modern applications category 6A is currently the most widely requested industrial standard in network technology.

HARTING is continuously expanding the Han-Modular® portfolio in order to meet the growing demands of the market for modular interfaces in industrial connectors. By integrating new technologies and continuously improving existing solutions, the product palette offers almost unlimited possibilities for the design of a modular interface.

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