23. October 2014

Han DD® Quad Module offers the highest contact density

Han DD® Quad module

The Han-Modular® series is the industry standard for modular connectors. Users can individually create “their own” connector to match their desired configuration.

The double module Han DD® Quad module offers the highest possible contact density and features space for 42 Han D® contacts with crimp termination, meaning users can now place roughly 25% more contacts in the same space. The result – the connectors can be executed in smaller, more compact sizes as well as more cost efficiently than previously.

The Han DD® Quad module is primarily conceived as a signal interface and features 10A and 150V electrical design characteristics. Since the “UL” working voltage can reach 250V, the module may even be used for power supply in numerous industrial applications where HARTING’s well-known Han® IP 65 connectors are employed. Applications in mechanical engineering and robotics figure prominently here, among others.

The new module’s use of high-quality “LCP” plastic gives it excellent fire protection properties and also makes it particularly well suited as a space-saving solution for applications involving transport technology.