13. March 2014

Ha-VIS RF-R500 successfully tested for trains

Ha-VIS RF-R500

Wireless communication is also making inroads in the railway sector. From platform recognition to train positioning through to the "green light" to accelerate – all this can be controlled using RFID on board trains. Ha-VIS RF-R500 has been successfully tested in accordance with EN 50155 for deployment on rolling stock.

Wireless communication is also advancing in the rail technology sector. From platform recognition to train positioning and all the way through to acceleration approval – all these functions can be implemented in trains by way of RFID.

RFID is a wireless communication technology. Its special feature is the fact that the transponder, containing the unique number and memory, does not need batteries and is supplied with energy wirelessly via the RFID Reader instead.

The advantages:
-    RFID is not affected by dirt and soiling
-    RFID transponders and readers are maintenance free
-    Connection with train control system via relays or network possible

EN 50155 stipulates particularly strict provisions regarding EMV, shock and vibration. The Ha-VIS RF-R500 RFID reader has been successfully tested against EN 50155 for application on rolling stock. This opens up entirely new possibilities for the convenient implementation of your application.

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