11. March 2013

Ha-VIS RF-R200

Reader RF-R200

finally a versatile and cost efficient RFID reader

The Ha-VIS RF-R200 is the latest RFID Reader in HARTING'S extensive auto-ID solution range. This RFID reader is a mid-range reader, i.e., it has been optimized for read ranges up to 2 m. It offers superior performance characteristics at a very attractive price.

Typical applications are:

  • Tool identification
  • Identification of manufactured goods on production lines
  • Logistics
  • Description of transponders at work or production places

This versatile use is made possible by a large selection of available models:

  • RF-R200 with RJ45 interface and PoE
  • RF-R200 with USB interface for office use
  • RF-R200 module (only board without housing) for integration into machines or other products

Important features:

  • 500 mW transmitter power
  • Supports automatic transmission of the acquired transponder information to a computer
  • Supports an external antenna
  • Features an internal antenna (read range up to approx. 20 cm)
  • IP 30
  • Minimum footprint when installed on top hat rail in switch cabinet