26. June 2014

Four variants for a nominal current range from 100 A to 800 A

Hall Effect Current Sensor Eco

The new HCSE (Hall Effect Current Sensors Eco) covers - with just four types - a nominal current range from 100 A to 800 A. The HSCE product family is based on the proven Hall effect and measures, galvanically isolated, via the magnetic field of the conductor the current flowing.

Here, the sensors work with the so-called open loop measurement principle. This provides a direct representation of the primary current with an accuracy of up to
± 1%. The HCSE sensors can measure direct or alternating currents, or even those with a complex waveform, over a frequency range from 0 to 50 kHz. The high immunity to interference, for example from the magnetic fields of external current-carrying conductors, represents a special advantage.

The wide temperature range of - 25° Celsius to 85° Celsius also permits utilization in thermally critical applications. The sensors come in standard sizes and their compact, unified shape across the whole product range offers a high degree of freedom for integration into individual applications.

Thanks to their high reliability and accuracy, the new series is ideal for application in power supplies e.g. for welding applications, rectifiers for direct current drives or also for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).