26. June 2014

Extended HARTING automatic Crimping machine tool with higher efficiency

HARTING Crimping machine TC-SC with Interchangeable unit

The HARTING automatic Crimping machine TC-SC with its fully motorized recipe-controlled setting parameter is designed to enable the processing of the solid turned D-Sub and Han-Yellock® contacts in the established crimp technology – in addition to the Han D®, Han E® and Han® C series.

The extension of the automatic Crimping machine TC-SC is completed by simple and quick steps through the replacement of the changing unit and the choice of a recipe for automatic setting.

The high efficiency of the automatic Crimping machine TC-SC has again been significantly increased by this extension that additionally improves its utility factor for users. Now, HARTING users need only one machine to process all of the series of solid turned contacts. The range of wire gauges extends from 0.14 mm² to 10.00 mm² and an insulation stripping length from 4.00 mm to 18.00 mm.

The connection technology of the established crimping technique is reliable, simple and fast. One complete operation of the automatic Crimping machine TC-SC, consisting of cable stripping, insertion in the crimp contact and crimping, takes only two seconds.

With this extraordinarily wide application area, the HARTING Technology Group has itself developed and produced a unique automatic Crimping machine for the world market.