26. June 2014

Energy data management with Smart Power Networks system

System smart Power Networks

Rising costs and pressure of legislation: Companies are well advised to get to grips with their energy consumption and put appropriate measures in place. In order to be able to record, visualize and document energy flows effectively, HARTING's Smart Power Networks builds on three system components.

In order to record, visualize and document energy flows effectively, smart Power Networks requires three system components:

  • smartPN-Units - The recorded data are buffered by the smartPN unit, processed and transmitted on via the integrated Ethernet switch.
  • smartPN-Viewer - This program displays energy consumption graphically and provides full transparency across the energy flows in the entire plant structure.
  • smartPN-Service - This application stores the consumption values in a central database and provides the basis of information for a reliable evaluation.

The advantages:

  • Full transparency for energy flows and energy consumption
  • Simple integration thanks to the use of available Ethernet structures in the plant
  • Future-proof basis for a certification of the energy management to DIN ISO 50001
  • Detailed representation of the plant structure and the utilization data
  • Long term documentation of consumption data and load profiles
  • Integrated switchable outputs allow direct load management

Further product information you will find under: www.HARTING.com/en/spn