13. March 2014

Documenting operating equipment with the Ha-VIS Application-Suite

Ha-VIS Application Suite

Every company possesses a wide variety of operating equipment: From fire extinguishers to climbing aids, and all the way through to lifting apparatus and small electrical appliances. All these items must be regularly tested, and the tests must be documented. Here, the Ha-VIS Application-Suite's latest app provides the opportunity to drastically simplify this process and eliminate sources of error by employing RFID in tandem with mobile automatic detection of operating equipment.

ARBURG, a manufacturer of high quality injection molding machines for plastics processing, takes advantage of the operating equipment documentation offered by the Ha-VIS Application-Suite to record heavy duty chains and tools.

The company‘s equipment is outfitted with an RFID transponder and read in mobile fashion via handheld. The process involves identification, recording and storage in memory of operating equipment subject to mandatory inspection, which permits the mandated equipment inspections to be performed according to ARBURG-specific criteria and subsequently reviewed.

After successfully testing its operating equipment, the test results are relayed and documented in downstream inventory software.

The application is based on the latest application technologies, offers simple handheld use and intuitively guides employees through the applications. Testers are registered in the suite’s user management, with individual employees logging on via a personal user transponder in order to ensure system security and perform testing documentation.

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