23. October 2014

Compact measurement technology for high currents

Hall effect current sensor

Two new versions of Hall effect current sensors for 200A and 300A primary current are responding vigorously to the trend towards miniaturization, as both size and weight have been cut by half. The wide temperature range of -40° to +85° Celsius is particularly noteworthy, as it enables utilization in thermally critical applications.

Here, the sensors work with the so-called closed loop measurement principle. This provides a direct representation of the primary current with an accuracy of up to ± 0.5 percent. The new sensors are able to measure direct or alternating currents, or even those with a complex waveform, over a frequency range from 0 to 100 kHz. A particular advantage is high interference resistance, e.g. vis-à-vis magnetic fields from external current-carrying conductors.

The wide temperature range of - 40° Celsius to +85° Celsius also permits deployment in thermally critical applications. The sensors come in standard sizes and their compact construction offers a high degree of freedom for integration into individual applications.

High reliability and accuracy make the new sensors ideal for use in e.g. PV inverters, frequency converters or power supplies for welding applications.