02. November 2009

HARTING steps up RFID activities

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Solution for system integrators

In industrial automation, RFID is rapidly advancing as an increasingly essential instrument for the automatic identification of goods flows. With its Ha-VIS RIFD solutions, HARTING is pursuing a comprehensive, uniform system approach. All of the new products and additions are featured on the RFID home page www.harting-rfid.com.

The RFID product range is especially geared to system integrators providing their customers with future proof and scalable RFID infrastructures and includes UHF-transponders, UHF-readers and flexibly scalable software. With this product range it is possible to create RFID solutions – rapidly and without any major input for special interfaces – from a single reader all the way through to corporate wide RFID solutions with standardized architecture.

Highly efficient RFID solutions are also at work at HARTING in-house. In the course of process optimization, the turnover frequency of connector housing production was doubled, for example. The resulting increased manual recording input was automated with the help of RFID and reduced accordingly. In addition, forklift trucks were equipped with RFID technology for the automatic recording of goods movements. In a parallel process, all of the containers and the Kanban cards were fitted with RFID-transponders. This has the advantage that the data on the connector housings produced can be easily read out from the transponders for further processing on the ERP system and made available online. Moreover, the produced unit numbers can be verified as bulk goods during the weighing process with the help of automatic RFID identification. This dispenses with the need for manual monitoring of the production volume in the quality assurance system. In the meantime, the deployment of the RFID solution in the production process has halved manual handling.

As a partner of the Transponder Roadshow in 2010, HARTING will be presenting its RFID solution competence on four dates, in connection with practice and application oriented demonstrations. More information on contents and event locations are available on our homepage at www.harting-rfid.com.

homepage: www.harting-rfid.com