18. June 2009

HARTING D-Sub SMT – easy to use, rugged and reliable

HARTING D-Sub SMT connectors

An entire series of rectangular D-Sub SMT connectors

HARTING has added an entire series of rectangular D-Sub SMT connectors to its product range. This new series allows customers to use both the reflow process and the standard vacuum pick-and-place systems.

The design has been optimized with a view to a reliable processing and a long service life. For example, the SMT terminals’ coplanarity is a maximum of 0.1 mm. The black moulding simplifies camera recognition, and the large, level surface is ideal for use with common pick-and-place vacuum nozzles.
The open terminal area makes it possible to inspect the soldered connection and also improves heat dissipation. The cast-iron bases, each of which can withstand tensile forces of more than 500 N, ensure stableness during mating.

The rectangular D-Sub SMT connectors from HARTING are available in both standard and low-profile versions with 9 to 37 contacts and are supplemented with a large selection of screws in M3 or 4-40 UNC. The HARTING D-Sub SMT connectors are delivered on a reel as a standard. Tray packaging is available upon request.

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