18. June 2009

DIN 41612 types 3B / 3C – even smaller, and just as rugged

DIN 41612 types 3B / 3C

Particularly suitable for use with small PCBs

The new 3B and 3C types of the DIN 41612 connectors are particularly suitable for use with small PCBs, as they require less space. The male and female connectors are available both with and without a flange, enabling further space reductions. The connectors come in solder, SMC (Surface Mount Compatible), or press-in technology.

The density of the electronics on PCBs is constantly increasing, while the PCBs and components are getting smaller and smaller. This trend also results in a need for smaller and smaller connectors. In response to this situation HARTING is also offering the 1/3 B and C types for the DIN 41612 with immediate effect, in addition to the existing 1/2 B and C types. The new types offer 20 or 30 contacts in a compact 2.54 mm grid; each contact can be loaded with up to 2 A. They are tested to the IEC 60 603-2 standard .

The high-temperature material versions (SMC) are particularly suited for reflow soldering processing. The female and male connectors without a flange are extremely space-saving. Moreover, the new connectors are just as resistant as their "big brothers and sisters" in the full and half sizes. They embody the proven ruggedness that many users have come to value in the DIN 41612 connectors. HARTING is offering both the standard versions and customer-specific loadings of the DIN 41612 types 3B / 3C.

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DIN 41 612 Types B, 2B, 3B, C, 2C, 3C, R, 2R

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