19. June 2009

Han® 7 D and Han® 8 D with Precise Han-Quick Lock® Termination Technology

Han® 7 D

Han® 8 D

Easy Handling and Space-Saving Design

The compact Han® 7 D and Han® 8 D connectors are now available with new termination technology. The precise, compact and straightforward Han-Quick Lock® technology from HARTING is ideal for high contact densities, placing it on equal footing with the crimp termination technology that has been long established on the markets.

The easy handling and space-saving design results in a combination of both cage-clamp and crimping technology reliability. There is no other termination technology that is this simple, space-saving and rapid to handle.

A normal screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly. The terminal cross-section per contact ranges from 0.34 to 1.5 mm2 (AWG 22 – 16). A working life of more than 500 mating cycles is no problem for vibration-proof terminations. The materials used are especially high quality: the Han-Quick Lock® spring has a stainless steel spring, copper alloy contacts with a silver surface and a polycarbonate insert.

The Han® 7 D and Han® 8 D with Han-Quick Lock® are used in control, signal, and measurement technology.

Technical characteristics in accordance with DIN EN 61 984:

Han® 7 D Quick Lock: 10 A 250 V 4 KV 3
Han® 8 D Quick Lock: 10 A ~50 V/ -120 V 0.8 KV 3



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