14. August 2009

Han-Modular® goes online


The Han-Modular® Configurator is now available


Increased efficiency for business processes driven by automated sequences that save time and money - this is why HARTING is also offering the right innovative E-Business solutions, in addition to its quality products. The
Han-Modular® Configurator is the latest addition to the E-Business line-up.

The Han-Modular® series allows optimal connector designs that meet specific, individual requirements by combining separate modules attuned to the application. The result: highly flexible and extremely compact solutions, matched by a broad functional range and easy handling.

Customers are now benefiting from a new option: by way of an online configurator the connectors can be configured to meet their specific, individual applications. More than 35 modules combinable in four different sizes offer an almost infinite number of different connector application scenarios. Individually and immediately available, with only one article number.

An easy-to-follow screen display allows quick selection and simple, error-free configuration involving only a few input steps. This individual connector is assembled at the factory and immediately available.

Customers can re-order this product at any time with the article number assigned by the configurator.

Link to the Han-Modular® Configurator