26. March 2009

Han-Power® T Modular Twin

Han-Power® T Modular Twin

Greater Flexibility in Power Bus Systems: The Hybrid Power T Solution

Intelligent motor control units are relocated so that they are directly at the machine or conveyor path. The HARTING Technology Group is supporting this change in installation engineering with its Han-Power® product group. In the area of power distribution solutions in decentralized environments, the new Power T solution, Han-Power® T Modular Twin, now represents a hybrid version with the highest level of insertion variance. The Han-Modular® Twin connector integrates two modules for power and signal transmission and consequently offers maximum flexibility.
This is a Power T that uses the Han-Modular® Twin connector as an interface, allowing currents up to 40A at 400/690 V to be transmitted. There are also two contacts available for 24 V; thanks to integrated detection, it is clear whether or not all the connectors in a system are inserted. Individual adjustment to customer wishes is possible. The combination of signal connector and power connection can be used in various ways, depending on the application.

In the event that two consumers are very close to each other, the Power T's used can even be connected directly to each other. The system cables that have been opted for have also been developed in such a way that they can simply be fit together with connectors if additional length is required.


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