26. March 2009

Han-Modular® 40 A module

Han-Modular® 40 A module

For applications with the highest mechanical demands

In addition to the existing modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals, a new Han® 40 A Crimp module is now also available. This is mating compatible with the Han® 40 A Axial screw module already in wide use, and is particularly suitable for applications with the highest mechanical demands. As an open connector system, the Han-Modular® series from the HARTING Technology Group reacts particularly flexibly to individual user requirements. In order to enable new configurations, the series is being continuously expanded.

A fundamental advantage of the Han® 40 A Crimp module is the efficient processing of the crimp contacts. Especially larger lot sizes can be very efficiently and economically produced with a crimping machine (such as the HARTING TC-C01). For assembly in the field, manual crimping tools are also available.

- Two power contacts up to 40 A at 1,000 V
- Currents up to 60 A can be transmitted with 10 mm² strands
- Standard Han® C crimp contacts with cross-sections from 1.5 mm² to 10 mm²
(AWG 16 - AWG 8)


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