12. March 2009

Hard metric connectors in 2.5mm pitch har-pak® phase-out

Hard metric connectors in 2.5mm pitch har-pak®

The age of the hard metric connectors in 2.5mm pitch har-pak® is drawing to a close

har-pak® – in the beginning of the nineties this connector family stood for a revolutionary step to the first generation of high density connectors in the metric pitch of 2.5mm.

In the meantime, packaging systems have shrunk considerably, the integration density of telecom applications has risen dramatically and mezzanine architectures are gaining strong ground. The direct plugging of daughter cards is increasingly becoming an industrial standard.

From early on, HARTING has been consequently concentrating on evolving trends and standards and offers products in line with any time market requirements. The commitment to the development and standardisation of the latest generation of connectors based on the PICMG specification underlines the leading role of HARTING in the world connector industry.

The demand for the hard metric har-pak® connectors in the pitch of 2.5mm according to DIN 41 642 / IEC 61076-4-100 sunk significantly in the last years. The arising more compact system architectures call for smaller connectors with a higher contact density.

The age of the har-pak® connectors is drawing to a close.

The last har-pak® connectors will leave our factory at the end of September 2009. You can place the last orders for har-pak® with us until the 31st of March 2009 to be delivered by the 30th of September 2009.

We thank our customers for the trust that was decisive for the long and successful market life of har-pak® connector family.