03. March 2009

Han® Q 8/0

Han® Q8/0 with field assembly

Now also with quick lock termination technology

Now that a number of products from the Han® product range have already been equipped with the new and innovative
Han-Quick Lock® termination technology, this technology is also being deployed on the Han® Q 8/0 contact insert. Consequently, this contact insert is currently also available with the
quick-to-assemble Han-Quick Lock®
termination technology, in addition to the proven crimp termination technology. The patented Han-Quick Lock® technology allows time-saving and simple assembly without special tools. A standard, commercially available screwdriver is sufficient. This makes the Han® Q 8/0 Quick Lock excellently suitable for pre-assembly in the field.

The reliable and vibration-proof contact offers maximum reliability in the most diverse application areas. Han® Q 8/0 Quick Lock can be used in power, signal and control applications. The electrical specifications of the new insert are the same as the proven Han® Q 8/0 with crimp termination and is 100% plug compatible.

- Terminal for stranded wire with a cross-section of 0.5 mm² - 2.5 mm² (AWG 20-14)
- 8 power contacts + PE
- Designed for 16 A and 500 V


Available Downloads:



490 K download