15. October 2008

HARTING MicroTCATM connector passes “rugged” test

MicroTCATM connectors

MicroTCATM connector complies with the requirements of the „Rugged MicroTCATM“ specification

The HARTING MicroTCA connector was tested according to the requirements of the “Rugged MicroTCA” PICMG specification under development and passed these tests successfully.

The HARTING con:card+ connector for MicroTCA backplanes and the Plug Connector for AdvancedMC modules passed the vibration sine and shock test of the MTCA.1 „Rugged Air Cooled“ specification without contact interruptions.

The contact test according to the MTCA.3 „Hardened Conduction Cooled“ specification and the related 40g shock test in accordance with MIL-STD-810 were passed by the con:card+ connector successfully.

The HARTING MicroTCA con:card+ connector with the patented Guidespring contributes to this result and hence supports the further development of the “Rugged MicroTCA” specification.

Available Downloads:

HARTING MircoTCATM for Rugged Applications



498 K download