13. October 2008

PROFINET hybrid cables

PROFINET hybrid cable

Hybrid PROFINET cabling simplifies installation

The HARTING Technology Group’s new hybrid PROFINET cables combine PROFINET data and 24 V power distribution in a single cable. Installation is easier and faster, and your machines and systems are more reliable. The new hybrid cable is ideal for use with the HARTING PROFINET Han® 3A RJ45 connector family.

The new design significantly reduces on-site installation time. The data lines are configured as star quad. The cables support Category 5/100 MHz data communications, and they can be stripped very quickly. Rugged FRNC-based sheathing material makes the cable easier for the installer to handle and provides better protection. The hybrid cable is the ideal solution for harsh industrial environments. It is RoHS compliant and UL approved. The PROFINET hybrid cables are now available, and they are also used in the fabrication of HARTING system cables.

All PROFINET components are tested using the criteria contained in the PROFINET test specification to ensure maximum reliability of HARTING PROFINET cabling. A manufacturer’s declaration, which is available for download at www.profibus.com, guarantees PROFINET conformity and performance.

The new PROFINET industrial cabling brochure provides in-depth information about PROFINET cabling strategies and systems, which users may find helpful.