13. October 2008

Han® EE Quick Lock module

Han® EE-Modul

Han-Modular® - high contact density without special tools

In the past, crimp technology was the only option on module inserts which feature a high contact density.

The HARTING Technology Group has integrated its new, patented Han-Quick Lock® technology into its Han® EE module to create versions which can be assembled without special tools. Assembly is quick and simple, and there is no need for special tools, making the Han® EE Quick Lock module the ideal choice for on-site field assembly.

Reliable, vibration-proof connector technology ensures maximum safety and reliability even in very demanding industrial and transport applications. The electrical specifications of the new Han® EE Quick Lock® module are the same as the tried and tested crimp connector. The module has eight contacts. It is rated at 16 A / 400 V and is 100 % plug compatible.