14. May 2008

Han® PushPull SCRJ

Han® PushPull SCRJ

Simple device integration of SCRJ cabling with PushPull connectors

The Han® PushPull SCRJ supports the simple device integration of optical signal technology in harsh industrial environments. Using these
IP 65 / 67 panel feed throughs offering either a plastic or metal housing, you can route optical fibers into control cabinets or distributed automation components without the need for media converters.

The compact design of the connector is based on HARTING PushPull technology, and it provides high contact density at the device or control cabinet. Besides the
Han® PushPull SCRJ, the PushPull connector product range includes RJ45 and power versions for PROFINET-compliant cabling in the machine buidling and systems integration industry.

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Han® PushPull SCRJ

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