13. May 2008

Han® HPR bulkhead mounting housings

Han® HPR bulkhead mounting housings with hinged cover

With hinged cover

The Han® HPR series of hoods / housings is used primarily on electrical connections in vehicles, as well as in applications with harsh climatic conditions or wet areas or where sensitive connections require protection or shielding.

A hinged element has been developed for the Han® HPR series which can be screwed onto existing bulkhead mounting housings and protection covers to create a configuration with an integral hinged protection cover. This eliminate the need for a separate cover. The cover locks into place in the vertical position when it is opened all the way and does not make contact with a locked hood. This prevents damage to the surface of the hood caused by vibration, etc. Also, an open cover which is locked in place serves as a reminder to the user that the protection cover to be closed and locked after the hood is removed.

A Han® HPR bulkhead mounting housing size 16 B is now available at stock. Size 6 B, 10 B and 24 B will be available in the near future.


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