21. April 2008

eCon Switch for Gigabit Ethernet

HARTING eCon Switch 2050-AA

The standard for dependable performance in Industrial Ethernet applications

The rugged HARTING eCon 2000 switch family sets the standard for dependable performance in Industrial Ethernet applications. The eCon 2050-AA introduces Gigabit performance into the product family. All 5 ports are designed for Gigabit Ethernet and jumbo frames up to 9728 bytes. The switch stores up to 4k MAC addresses and also offers all of the outstanding features of the eCon family. The eCon Ethernet switch family works in store and forward switching more, and it supports auto-crossing, auto-negotiation and auto-polarity.

eCon is enclosed in an extremely slim metal case to make optimum use of the available space. The eCon 2000 Ethernet switch family has LED indicators for each port to facilitate fast, simple network diagnosis.

eCon 2000 Ethernet switches come with integral mounting hardware. No tools are needed to mount the switches on standard DIN rails in a control cabinet.