10. March 2008

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Kabel Kat. 6 PUR

HARTING Upgrades the Cable Portfolio for Gigabit Ethernet

HARTING offers a new generation of 8-wire cables and cords suitable for Gigabit Ethernet. Basically Gigabit Ethernet is the driver to use more powerful cabling products within network and automation projects. Concurrently there is a request for higher bandwidths to be future proofed. This trend drives the demand for category 6 products. The third aspect for new cabling products is the growing demands in dealing with eco friendly materials and higher standards in fire protection requirements. This facts cause the growing adaption of PUR and FRNC jacket materials instead PVC ones.
HARTING has been aware of the market trends and extend its cable and system cord portfolio accordingly. The cat 5 / cat 5e products get a robust PUR jacket and we also added a PUR as an outdoor version to our category 6 cabling products, too. There is a brand new category 6A cable available with a suitable bandwidth up to 500 MHz for fixed installations. The cat 6A product allows future proofed cabling fit for 10 GB Ethernet.
To make our growing cable portfolio clearly arranged for our customers, all our 8-wire cables are sold in yellow colour, the 4-wire cables in green colour and the outdoor versions as black ones.


Cat. 6 PUR




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