10. March 2008

Han® 4 A Quick Lock

Han® 4 A Quick Lock

Insert equipped with the new Han-Quick Lock® termination technology

The Han® 4 A insert is a new version available now. The main feature of this new development of the already approved version Han® 4 A with screw termination, is the new connection technique, “Han-Quick Lock®”. The patented Han-Quick Lock® technology permits a timesaving and simple termination without a special tool. The Han® 4 A Quick Lock offers the highes safety even for extreme applications in industry and transportation. The reliable and vibration secure connection offers the highest safety of interconnect. The new Han® 4 A Quick Lock meets the same approval requirements as the Han® 4 A crimp version with its 4 contacts + PE , designed for 10 A and 230/400 V.


Available Downloads:



160 K download