29. February 2008

HARTING Micro Card Edge Connector

Micro Card Edge connector

The new connector for board-to-board mezzanine as well as for small „pluggable daughter card” applications

HARTING offers the new Micro Card Edge connector for surface mounting termination technology for PCBs with the thickness of 1.6mm. The new connector is suitable for board-to-board mezzanine as well as for small „pluggable daughter card” applications.

The key feature of the new connector in mezzanine applications is the achievement of flexible staple height of parallel boards through plugging of small boards in different lengths between the connectors.

The HARTING Micro Card Edge connector allows data transfer rates up to 14Gbps and is suitable for high-speed applications in the telecom, medical and industrial markets. The connector is available with 40 or 100 contacts in 0.8mm pitch.

An extremely smooth contact surface achieved through high performance stamping tools and a special surface finish ensures low insertion forces and a high contact reliability.

HARTING´s Micro Card Edge connector offers excellent features for high volume manufacturing like tape-and-reel packaging and a pad for pick-and-place machines.

Available Downloads:

Micro Card Edge connector, 100 poles

type sheet


250 K download

Micro Card Edge connector, 40 poles

type sheet


137 K download